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Robots in the automation of welding processes allows to increase the welding efficiency and improve the quality and repeatability of the product.
Comprehensive welding stations can be equipped with positioners / manipulators that allow the rotation of the welded detail.
In automation, we also often offer systems with an additional axis to weld large-size details.
We offer you the automation of welding processes through robotic welding cells and welding robots tailored to the requirements of workplaces.

What tasks you will robotize with our solutions?

Arc welding processes
TIG method welding processes
MIG method welding processes
Laser welding processes
Plasma welding processes

Which companies is our product intended for?

The product is intended for all small-series and large-series manufacturers of components that require welding processes

What will you gain by using it?

Increased efficiency – robotic welding processes are carried out quickly and repeatably
High precision – the process is characterized by high repeatability and accuracy, which reduces the risk of error
Versatility – the welding robot is able to weld elements with complex geometries
Welding in a closed / separated area that prevents people from working, which ensures the safety of operators

How much does it cost?

The valuation of robotic welding stations is carried out individually, depending on the requirements of the process
The stations can meet the conditions of innovation, and therefore you can obtain funding from the EU 
Possibility to take advantage of the government’s robotization relief, which is addressed to companies wishing to improve production by using industrial robots
We will help you with the formalities and we will provide professional legal and accounting support

Why choose our product:

More than a ten years of experience in industrial robotics
3D simulation of the suggested solution
We will select the most optimized solution for your process
Station working with one or two robots placed between two working fields

Working areas equipped with working tables or turntables

The station eliminates the need for the robot to stop. The pneumatic screen enables the replacement (assembly / disassembly) of details when the welding process takes place at the second station

Working areas are secured with light curtains

Station is dedicated to production with high variability and frequent changeovers
Station working with one or two robots placed directly in the working field

Working area equipped with a fixed working table or turntable

Working area is secured with light curtains
Station working with one or two robots

Robots positioned in the working area opposite the “H” type positioner

Positioner exchanges the working areas in relation to the robot

The station eliminates the need for the robot to stop. The design of the positioner allows the replacement (assembly / disassembly) of details for welding when the welding process is taking place at the second station

The assembly / disassembly area secured with light curtains ensures the safety of operators
Welding cell
The entire process is carried out in a secured and closed housing

Station configuration, i.e. robot parameters, number of positioners, dimensions are designed individually for the appropriate assumptions




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