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What tasks you will robotize with our solutions?

Processes of laser cutting of elements with various shapes and dimensions
Our laser cells allow to cut steel elements and other material such as:
   stainless steel
   non-ferrous metals
   plastics and others

Which companies is our product intended for?

The product which we offer is intended for all manufacturers looking for a laser cutting process station

What will you gain by using it?

Firstly, increased efficiency – laser cutting processes are carried out quickly and repeatably
Secondly, high precision – the process is characterized by high repeatability and accuracy, which reduces the risk of error
Thirdly, versatility – cutting large-size elements with complex geometries
Lastly, cutting in a closed / separated area that prevents people from working, which ensures the safety of operators

How much does it cost?

The valuation of the laser cutting station is carried out individually depending on the requirements of the process
The stations can meet the conditions of innovation, and most importantly you can obtain funding from the EU 
Possibility to take advantage of the government’s robotization relief, which is addressed to companies wishing to improve production by using industrial robots
We will help you with the formalities, moreover we will provide professional legal and accounting support

Why choose our product:

More than a ten years of experience in industrial robotics
In addition, we prepare for you a 3D simulation of the suggested solution
In conclusion, our experience allow to select the most optimized solution for your process
Laser cutting station
A robotic station that can be equipped with an additional linear module

Working area equipped with working table

Station is fenced and secured with a LASER PROTECT machine gate

Station is dedicated to production with high variability and frequent changeovers




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