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Cobot is a concept that was created by combining two words: collaborative and robot, and to simplify it means a collaborative robot.
By design, cobots should assist employees in fulfilling their duties. They work hand in hand with people, not in closed cells or in separate rooms.
Cobots are characterized by light construction, oval shape, simplicity in programming and advanced safety systems.

What tasks you will robotize with our solutions?

Palletizing and depalletizing parcels on a euro-pallet
Submitting and stacking items from the feeder, buffer, pallet
Packaging various products on a pallet in any configuration
Packing details
Unloading of CNC machines, injection molding machines and others
Bin-picking – collecting items from the chest

Which companies is our product intended for?

Producers of items packed in cardboard boxes
Warehouses and mail order stores
Producers of food, metal and plastic products
Clean room production
* We do not limit ourselves to the above sectors – we help every industry that requires robotization

What can our station do?

Carry items weighing up to 30 kg
Arrange items up to a height of more than 2m
Work safely in the company of a man. Move packages / items / products without additional covers. It meets all the necessary requirements of the machinery directive and safety standards
It is fully mobile, does not require anchoring to the floor, and can be used in a different part of the plant every day
Provide all possible ways of gripping the detail: vacuum, mechanical, magnetic
Adapt quickly to the changing product mix
Enables the robot to be programmed without expert knowledge
It has the function of moving the robot to selected points of the working space using the hand, without the need to use a teach-pendant

What will you gain by using it?

You will solve staffing problems related to the effects of a pandemic, employee reduction or the geopolitical situation
You will increase efficiency – cobot packing and palletizing tasks can be carried out in a quick, repeatable and automated manner, several times faster than with traditional human work
Flexibility – if you change the production assortment, its weight, size, place of production, you do not have to worry about adapting to new conditions, our cobot will do it for you
Versatility – the palletizing cobot can be launched in any space of your production plant, its programming is intuitive and does not require specialized skills. Depending on the needs, the same cobot can carry packages up to 30 kg
Save space and time – compact design, easy integration of new packaging and palletizing tasks ensure significant increase in productivity

How much does it cost?

80-100k EUR depending on the configuration of the station
The station meets the conditions for innovation, therefore it is possible to obtain funding from the EU 
The return on investment, assuming a two-shift work, is 3 years
Possibility to take advantage of the governmental robotization relief, which is addressed to companies wishing to improve production by using industrial robots
We will help you with the formalities and we will provide expert legal and accounting support

Why choose our product:

More than a ten years of experience in industrial robotics
Possibility of expanding the station with feeders and peripheral devices
The largest available range and load capacity of 30 kg among the market solutions
3D simulation of the suggested solution
Japanese quality




Palletizing stations with Yaskawa cobots

The products featured are industrial, advanced palletizers that are easy to use and perfectly meet the needs of demanding environments.
Their compactness allows easy adaptation to existing lines.

Stations built on a structure adapted to be moved by means of a hand pallet truck or a forklift
Dedicated gripper design – various types: pneumatic, vacuum, electric
HC10 Yaskawa Cobot
Yaskawa HC10 industrial cobot with a lifting capacity of 10 kg and a maximum range of 1397 mm (depending on the method of palletization),

Possibility to use the HC10DTFP version – designed for the food industry (resistance to chemicals, food grade lubricants, IP67 protection),

Support for standard pallets 1200×800 (possibility of handling a larger palette depending on the size of the arranged details). Handling of high pallets with the use of a lifting elevator,

Operation and control of station parameters using a modern smartpendant,

Possibility to use an alternative industrial cobot with a lifting capacity of 10 kg.

HC20 Yaskawa Cobot
Yaskawa HC20 industrial cobot with a lifting capacity of 20 kg and a maximum range of 1900 mm (depending on the method of palletization),

Station support standard pallets sizes 1200×800, 1000×1000 or other,

Operation and control of station parameters using a modern smartpendant.
HC30 Yaskawa Cobot
Yaskawa HC30 industrial cobot with a lifting capacity of 30 kg and a maximum range of 1700 mm,

Station support standard pallets sizes 1200×800, 1000×1000 or other,

Operation and control of station parameters using a modern smartpendant.




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