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Process design

Every enterprise on a tactical operating level requires solid process for all manufacturing tasks. Before the process starts on a field level it needs to be initially design, verify, and discussed, to avoid any unnecessary project costs in future. We help our customers at this stage to:
  • Set up manufacturing process and determine critical path
  • Calculate cycle time and line availability
  • Design safety
  • Determine automation level
  • Define process risks

Welding, spot-welding, palletizing, material handling, visual inspection and many more processes can be easily design by our engineers, to determine best possible process for a product considering all companies internal constrains, including space, logistic, quality, and many more.

For customers who just start with process robotisation we provide audit with a following outcome:
  • What process chose for robotisation at the first place
  • What needs to be change in a current manufacturing process to enable robotisation
  • What to avoid to not make process to complex
  • How to start automation/robotisation to gain profits in a short time
  • How to make this change gradually for process and for people inside a company




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