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AKE Systemtechnik gains from more than twenty years’ experience in automotive, automation and robotics, field. In every single project we use this knowledge in our concepts, which brings our solution to an expert level at the very beginning of the project phase. We specialize in technically sophisticated solutions, where we combine latest technological products with industrial robots and cobots.

We know that crucial part of concept design is to hear our customer needs, manage process expectations, and offer a solution which fulfils technical, cycle time, health and safety standards, all within reasonable budget.

During concept design our engineers look on a production process from a wider perspective, not only trying to automate single operations, but also to set up a production in a way, which can enable in future further process changes. This approach reduces future costs and provides higher level of automation and integration, which comply with industry 4.0 framework. Collecting and processing data from a plant level enables better production scheduling and helps maintain process quality.

Concept design stage focuses us on customers’ needs, helps to learn about the reasons behind decision of robotisation and product itself.

We discuss desired line effectives, cycle time and availability.

We often talk about ours and customers lesson learned from previous projects, to advise best possible scenario and minimise project risk.

All our concepts comply with healt and safety, CE and EU regulations.

Final concept design we provide is an effect of brainstorming our best engineer’s ideas thanks to analysis, visualization, and simulation techniques.




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